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U7-U8 (5v5) Structure

  • Games: 8 Regular Season Games (typically 1 p/w)
  • Day: Saturday's Only
  • Venue: All Game at Roots Athletic Center
  • No Labor Day or Columbus Day Games
  • No Pass-Cards or Rosters Required


Our U7-U8 program is designed to help players develop basic soccer skills whilst improving their confidence and comfort. Games are structured in quick 15min thirds to allow coaches a chance to give their players extra guidance, and the referee is a "mentor" helping teach the laws of the game.

All games at our new  state-of-the-art soccer complex in Westfield, games have usually been outside but can be moved inside if needed.


  • Players: 5v5 - One goalkeeper four outfield players
  • Duration: 15min Thirds (2min break between them)
  • Field: 25-35yds long x 15-25yds wide
  • Goals: 4ft x 6ft
  • Ball: Size 3 or 4
  • Subs: Unlimited (rolling subs)
  • Heading: Not Allowed in Games or Practice
  • # of Referees: 1 Center
  • Laws of Game: All FIFA Laws, exceptions: No Punting, No Slide Tackles, No Penalty Kicks, No Off-Side's, Build Out Line at halfway, No Yellow/Red Cards (forced sub).

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