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Compliance Board

The Compliance Review Board is designed to deal with complaints and feedback generated by our member clubs, parents and associates. It is charged with keeping good order for the league and safeguarding the developmental environment for all participants. The Board handles general discipline issues with parents, coaches, referees and towns/clubs. The Board is responsible for:

  • Replying to misconduct reports
  • Replying to referee feedback
  • Enforcement of player's suspensions (red/yellow cards)
  • Enforcement of coaches suspensions (red/yellow cards)
  • Review of parents/spectator behavior
  • Enforcement of "out-of-town" player waivers
  • Writing of RSL By-Laws pertaining to ethical issues

To contact the Compliance Review Board please complete the report form:

Report Form

Active Suspentions & Yellow/Red Card Report (Click Here)

Typical Protocol for Yellow & Red Cards (including non-carded ejections)
Players Accumulating 4 Yellow Cards will receive a 1 Game Suspension
Coaches Accumulating 3 Yellow Cards will be contacted and put on probation
Player Red Card (or ejection) = 1 Game Suspension (or more*)
Coach Red Card (or ejection) = 1 Game Suspension (or more*)
* Compliance Board Reserves the right to overturn, extend or modify the suspension

Player Transfer/Wavers

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