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Core Philosophies


  • Small-Sided Format: The RSL has embraced the new USSF mandate promoting small-sided games; 5v5, 7v7, & 9v9. There are many advantages of having fewer players on the field: (i) maximizing the number of touches each player will have during the game, (ii) learning tactical concepts will be gradual and easier to learn, (iii) will help diffuse any boredom a player may have from not being as involved in the action.
  • Promoting Practice: By reducing the number of games and heavily scheduling on Saturday's we make it easier for coaches to create regular practice schedules. Scientific studies show players with a higher ratio of practices to games (U9-U13 = 2:1) (U14+ = 3:1) develop much quicker than those with a high volume of games.


Coaches are the heart-beat of the Roots Soccer League. Our member clubs are heavily comprised of volunteers, most combine a full-time job and coaching on the evening and weekends. Finding the time and money for personal development is understandably hard, here's how we can help:

  • Provide FREE local Coaching Courses through our partnership with USSF.
  • Discounted prices to Mass Youth Soccer Workshops.
  • FREE access to MOJO Sports App for session planning and team evaluation.


  • Member Input:  Every town has a vote through the Competition Committee giving them the ability to control all aspects of their participation. Membership details what they want and RSL staff provide the framework and day-to-day opperations. 
  • Making Town Soccer Accessible:  Between the growth of premier soccer and competition from other sports such as lacrosse, baseball and basketball; town soccer has had significant issues attracting and retaining players. By creating a Saturday focused schedule we hope to encourage both; premier players to return/stay with their town program, and give multi-sport families a chance to play everything.
  • Professional Insight:  Many town boards are comprised of volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds. Roots staff all have backgrounds of coaching professional within the sports industry.

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