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Referee Info

We're always on the look-out for new and existing referees to add to our officiating pool. Officials must have a valid "Grassroots" Certification (previously known as a Level 8) and a decent knowledge of soccer. Whether you're 14 years old (youngest allowed) or closer to 40 - refereeing is a great way to:

  • Build Confidence & Leadership Skills
  • Keep fit and active
  • Give back to the next generation
  • Earn money - excellent rates of pay per game
  • Potential Career Path

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have Qualified and Registered with USOfficials you can begin...

Q. Who chooses my schedule? What if I can't work on xxxx day?

A. You choose when you work. If you are busy no problem, if you want to work you open up your availability on the USOfficals site. Our assignor will allocate you a game(s) each week and you "accept" or "reject" them.

Q. How Do I get Paid?

A. USOfficials pays out each month. Your assignments are recorded online and your wages are automatically deposited into your bank account via direct deposit.

Q. What if I don't have a Car?

A. Having transport makes it easier for you to get games, however..... Contact our assignor - he'll make a note and give you local games.

Q. How Many Games will I referee in a Day?

A. That depends on a lot of factors; experience, physical health/conditioning, game availability etc. The optimum number is usually three back-to-back games, however new officials are usually eased into more games as the season progresses.

Our assignor is there to make sure you are comfortable, good communication between you and him is key.

Referee Pay Scale

Referee Mentorship Program

When an official arrives at a Roots Soccer League game, they are essentially the face of the league - both teams are representing their respective clubs, the field belongs to that town but the referee has been sent to represent the competition. With this in mind it's in the leagues own interest to invest resources into recruiting, developing, retaining the best pool of officials possible.

Our Mentorship program has three simple goals:

  • To Develop the pool
  • To Retain more Officials
  • To Give Officials a Pathway to Higher Level Games

To Do this We:

  • The league has a paid, full qualified, Mentor at all 5v5 games - this is the starting point for 99% of our officials.
  • The league typically has a 7v7 Jamboree event on our opening weekend We commit to hire enough Mentors (sometime upto 15 Mentors) to have every game/official watched/assessed for at least one game.
  • We sub-contract our referee assigning to USOfficials - this group provides referees for most of the active leagues in our state. This enables our officials to be selected for advancement to Premier, High School, Collage and high-level Tournaments.

Complaints & Positive Feedback

Please direct all complaints and/or feedback to our Discipline Board via this form:

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