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Field Closure Protocol

What do I if I'm unsure that my teams game is still on?
  • If your game shows a game time the game is still on, if you see Postponed or Cancelled next to your game it has been called off.
  • Players and coaches should arrive at the field unless your game has been listed as Postponed or Cancelled.
  • It is the discretion of the match official and/or the town field coordinator in regards to whether the field is fit and safe for play; either before or during a game.
  • If a game is cancelled prior to kick off the league will make every effort to contact your team in a timely manor!
What happens if we get to the field and it's not safe for play?
  • If the field is deemed to be unfit for play on or after kick off by either the referee and/or the field coordinator, the HOME coach or field director should call the RSL on (413) 579-7040 and inform the league. 
  • Parents:  DO NOT call this line to ask if the game is on! This is to be used by HOME coach / field directors only. If you are unsure call your coach!
  • DO NOT call Roots Athletic Center - they will not be able to help. The Roots Soccer League is the only contact that will be able to give you up-to-date information.